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Our products are continuing to evolve, and as they do more exciting benefits become apparent. Significant differences and improvements have been observed in crops using our products, naturally increasing yield while keeping costs down. Bio-Nutrients can be applied to all crops and have been shown to significantly improve all arable crops, fruits, vegetables, grassland and turfs, orchards and forests, horticulture and vineyards. 

Regular applications of our Bio-Nutrients promotes:

  • Healthy plant growth and development

  • Biological balance building up the capacity for resistance

  • Protects and strengthens the living cell wall structure improving the natural immunity system

  • Root activation

  • Improved frost protection

  • Improved flower setting, bloom and fruit setting

  • Improved rate of growth

  • Promotes a protective coating for fruits and vegetables

  • Increases crop yield

  • Improves plant vigour and vitality

  • Improves soil quality and combats soil compaction 

  • Increases moisture retention and uptake

  • Increases nutrient retention and uptake