Exalt Logo

EXALT 1.75%N – 0.1% P2O5; 1.27% K2O Rhizosphere Microbiome Nutrition.

Exalt is a non-hazardous liquid solution of various naturally occurring bio-nutrients.  Aids crop growth in difficult soils and further enhances vigour in healthy soils. Exalt works in the the rhizosphere encouraging microbiome which is crucial for plant health. Acts as a biological balancer promoting healthy soil and the breakdown of organic matter.  Exalt promotes Systemic Acquired Resistance effectively acting like a vaccine for plants increasing hardiness and resistance to pests, drought and disease. 

Nutrimus Logo

NUTRIMUS (Liquid Carbon and Humalite) 

Nutrimus comes in two grades Acidic and Alkaline

Nutrimus 9.3% Humid Acid Solution and Liquid Carbon with an Alkaline pH and

Nutrimus Ultrafine 12.6% Humid Acid with Acidic pH

Nutrimus stimulates essential biological and chemical activity, enriching the soil and keeping it fertile. Nutrimus is packed with human, fulvic and humid acids. Humics are sub-bituminous coal that act like a sponge, retaining water and feeding microbes.

Parvus Silica logo

PARVUS SILICA  (Liquid Silicon) 

Parvus Silica is a soluble silicon solution containing 12.9% micronised silicon.

It comes in three grades:

Parvus Si, Parvus-CAL-S provides a high delivery of calcium and Parvus-Si-Bn with Boron

Parvus Silica is able to be rapidly absorbed by the plant directly via the leaf and root without the need to expend energy. Boosts plant immunity and the ability of the plant to repair itself. Allows for more upright growth and reduced risk of lodging increasing the chance of high yield potential.

Fruges Logo

FRUGES 1.75%N – 0.1% P2O5; 1.27% K2O For Grassland and Turf. Fruges has been specifically developed to enhance germination and establishment of grassland and turf. Promotes Systemic Acquired Resistance to increase hardiness and resistance to pests and disease. Promotes healthy soil helping nature to naturally break down and recycle organic matter. 

Concordia Logo

CONCORDIA increases development of soil bacteria and fungi, especially mycorrhiza provide long term benefits for subsequent crops. Proven to increase indigenous mycorrhiza and beneficial bacteria. 

Now contains the micronised humic acid, with its more compatible acidic pH 5.6 plus higher concentrated levels of other ingredients that effectively reduces the application rate to 5 litres / Ha

Concordia increasing Mycorrhiza abundance by >80% and beneficial bacterium >70% essentially greatly improving nutrient uptake, plant strength, root growth and water holding capacity. Contains Labile Carbon which is essential for healthy soils and plant growth promoters (seaweeds X 3 types) Saponins and others.